donderdag 5 mei 2011

maandag 25 april 2011

Making Money and Creating Traffic With YouTube

I know for sure you’ve heard it alot the couple of months: internet guru’s which use YouTube to make money and create more traffic to their own website. Do you know how they do it? Well, let I know the answer for you! Enjoy!

Making money with YouTube: how can I do it and which ingredients do I need?
  1. A YouTube account (I guess you figured that out already)
  2. An account at an affiliate network, like I told you in the other blog like: Affiliatepartners, Zanox, Paypro etc.
  3. A website or an affiliate link
  4. A video (ofcourse)
Oke, I didn’t hear you say: CHECK! But anyway, I’ll show you how to get to business by two examples.

Example 1; creating traffic for your website or webshop so a chance for sellings:
Create a video about the subject of your website or just simply download a movie which is related to your industry. After that, put the link of your website in the description from the YouTube video and there you go: a chance for a lot of traffic and also a backlink. For example: your website is about game reviews and you’ve made a movie about a lot of new games like Call of Duty with the name: Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 review. A lot of people will search on the internet and find your video. After that they want to see more reviews, and voila, there you go.. They will click on your URL.

Example 2; earning money with YouTube without a website, the affiliate way:
I just stick on the Game Review type of movie. When you put that video on YouTube, make sure you put your affiliate URL in the description instead of your website’s URL. This causes traffic to your affiliate website, so when people like the products, they’ll buy it and that means that you get money!

Ofcourse its not that easy as it looks. It takes a lot of time and research. You need to look at what products the people need and like. What I told was just a small version, I hope you get the big picture.

Example 3; earning money with YouTube without a website, the most easy way:
Create a video, put it on YouTube and make it happen that YouTube want to put some overlay ads to your video. What does it do?
Google uses a system where an ad is displayed at YouTube videos when it is listed on another website (embedded).

The revenues are being shared by the creator of the video and YouTube itself.

The aim is to encourage more creative minds to make these YouTube videos. How much money you earn is not clear for me to say, but since a good video can generate millions of views, I imagine that the revenue can be substantial.

Hope you liked this blog aswell! It’s a small version but worth trying. Keep in touch.


Mathieu Duijst.

Making Money As An Affiliate

Earn money by affiliate programs:
The biggest opportunity to make money with your website is provided by so-called affiliate programs. These are companies where a large number of advertisers are to connected. When you log in as a webmaster at an affiliate program, you can  earn money with advertising for many different products, websites and services in a clear way. So there is always something you can make advertise, which fits well with the topic of your website and the interests of your visitors. You can pick up promotional material on the websites of the affiliate programs, and the only thing you then have to do is: place a banner on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on that banner, or that a visitor from your website buys the advertised product, you earn a certain amount.

The best affiliate programs listed below one by one. Do you own a website that allows you to easily earn extra money? Then signing up at affiliate programs below is highly recommended. Many advertisers are signed up by just one affiliate program. Signing up by several affiliate programs give you the opportunity for making choices for which product you want to promote.

How to earn as an affiliate?
As an affiliate you are based on a so-called pay-per-click or pay-per-lead reward system. Pay per click means that you immediately earn money as a visitor on your website clicks on the banner or link of the affiliate program. However, you usually get paid per lead. In that case, you only get money if your visitor actually carried out a particular action, such as buying a product or signing up for an online newsletter. Ofcourse, the reward for achieving a lead is generally much higher than the reward for achieving a click.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you got any more questions or just a nice comment, just put them below. Stay tuned for the next blog!



zondag 24 april 2011

Online Webshop

Currently there are many blogs and other pages on the internet where is explained how you can start your own online webshop. But I hope that I can add some extra information.
Sorry for my sentences. There may be some grammatical mistakes.

The Idea:
What I actually don’t do is: thinking very hard about an idea. The best ideas come up in your head at the strangest moments. And with an idea I actually mean a product which you can sell on the Internet. Often it comes together with a loss. You want something, but you can not find it anywhere. If you want to buy something, but you don’t know where: maby there are more people who have the same problem. I am actually not talking about products like mobile phones or tv’s, but more about the smaller products. Like a hair product which is expensive in barbershops, but which you could sell cheap on the internet. I mean: the more people who can afford it, the more cash you make.

For example:
A friend of mine loves scooter parts, but the parts he wanted were expensive. He thought, if I buy the parts under name of my company I can buy them for less money, and I could sell them for less money on my webshop than real shops do. In this way, he could gain this parts for not that much money, and he could also make a profit on the products.

For example: he wanted a Yasuni exhaust. It costs 250 euro’s in the shop and he could buy them for about 130/140 euro’s. When he purchased the larger numbers, the products were cheaper.

In this way he could make a profit on the products. Think about it when you need something, but you cannot find it. If you do that, your idea will come by time.

How do I know if there is demand for the products?
For example I stick with the scooter parts. I always look at the Google  Adwords external tool   for what you can expect. If you type in scooter parts, the results are not that high, but if you search focussed like Aerox the results are much higher. Aerox for example has a result  about 368,000 times a month. That would be targeted 10,000 customers a day for your shop. All these people go to one of the hundreds of scooter shops in the Netherlands and find the products in the shops probably too expensive. Online they search for cheaper products.

Another tip:
Would it ever be smart to start a adwords campaign to see if there is some demand for the products. Ask for 50 euro free credit at Google and put some ads online. See how many clicks you receive per day. It is already quite cool for a product to set up a product page with a buy now or shopping cart button. This is handy to find out how many people click on these buttons and how many actually want to buy something. Another way to test the visitors as possible buyers is simply put up some Google adsense ads online at a clearly seen place at a website.

After that:
Buy all the hard running scooter parts products 10 pieces by a wholesale (groothandelaar). How do you know what the big runners are? Ask sneaky to someone from a famous scooter shop, check out their online shop for the best selling products, or by other means. This is the part where you need to spent some money. My title a shop without risk is based on the fact that there is still a website where you may lose stuff at the price at which you have purchased. Really, always!

The webshop:
For some people making a website is easy and cheap. For people like me it is more expensive to create one. The best way to create a website is to find students or starters by social media. They create website for not that much money. You could find an argument like; you are allowed to use my webshop as an example for you school project. This is, beside creating a website by yourself, the cheapest way for creating a website.

Start selling:
Start selling and be surprised. 
Keep a close eye on your Google ads, customize your conversion, place ads on a website as, try to improve organic results using a good SEO.

Of course you can also press start worrying about your accounts, your registration with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), the functions in the shop. But I would just try to sell something. If it goes very good and you have a customer on average every day then you can worry about that stuff. No Chamber of Commerce number is really not such a disaster, just make it clear on your webshop: who you are and where people can contact you.

My favorite is also to start small. When the cases are going good and you’re earning a lot of money, you can always expand with your products.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about my short document about ‘starting your online webshop’. For questions you can always tweet me at @OnlineMiljonair.